Hundreds of Recordings Seized from Trump Attorney Michael Cohen

michael cohen recordings seized

The government has seized more than 100 recordings attorney Michael Cohen made in his conversations with people talking about matters that could relate to President Donald Trump and the Trump empire’s business dealings.

According to the Washington Post, Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, made some of the recordings with his iPhone – without letting people know he was recording them. Several of those recordings were his conversations with reporters who asked him about the president.

The tapes also include Cohen’s conversations with reporters about Trump as well as recordings in which Trump’s voice is heard in snippets.

New York has one-party consent on recordings, meaning Cohen did not legally have to let people know he was taping them.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…. Trump is said to be furious about the release and has turned on Cohen and is reportedly concerned that it might affect his marriage with Melania.

Michael Cohen worked as a lawyer for Donald Trump and boasted his occupation as “Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.”Cohen was terminated as Trump’s lawyer in May 2018.

Cohen served as a vice-president of the Trump Organization and special counsel to Donald Trump, and previously served as co-president of Trump Entertainment and was a board member of the Eric Trump Foundation, a children’s health charity. He joined the Trump Organization after having been a partner at Phillips Nizer.

As of April 2018, he has been under investigation by federal prosecutors on multiple matters, including bank fraud, wire fraud and campaign finance violations, arising in part from payments made by him in the Stormy Daniels–Donald Trump scandal.

Cohen is licensed to practice law in the state of New York.