World Series Game 1, Lady Gaga Strikes Out with that Outfit

Lady Gaga at World Series

It appears that Lady Gaga, 31, is no longer “Caught in a bad Romance.”

The singer attended the game 1 of the World Series championship game last night with her new beau, Christian Cario, a 48-year-old Hollywood agent.

Gaga  wowed the crowd when she arrived at Dodger Stadium in her $200k Lamborghini Huracan.

Lady Gaga Boyfriend Gossip

However, it was nothing compared to the reaction she got out of her car which sent shock waves throughout the sports world and gossip tabloids.

The singer was sporting a Marilyn Monroe kinda hairdo with classy sunglasses. Her attire left nothing to be desired! It looked like something you would see on a 1950’s version of “Teen Mom.” Her shorts were beyond short. Her sheer white top left nothing to the imagination and her Stiletto heels left many wondering how she was able to even walk the red carpet let alone baseball game.

Her outfit has left many asking… was she an overdressed fashion disaster or an under dressed fashion disaster. We say both!

On a brighter note…her boyfriend is cute! As for who hit the home run at last nights game? It certainly wasn’t Lady Gaga…with that outfit.. she struck out!

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