Big Brother’s Cody Nickson has the Medals that Matter!

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“Big Brother” star Cody Nickson did more than  serve his country as a Marine for 4 years.

Nickson also served in the Airforce,  was deployed twice, received numerous medals and is a proud father.

Cody’s been on the outs with the rest of the cast with the exception of  his girlfriend, Jessica who was the most recent contestant to get evicted.

Things got ugly earlier this week when some the lowlife scumbag house guest, including Paul Abrahamian, tried antagonizing the military vet by questioning his service to our country.

Josh Martinez the Most Obnoxious Contestant Ever

Little do they know, Nickson has a five-year-old daughter.  He served in the Marine Corps from December 2008 to December 2012.  During his service, he reached the rank of E-4 Corporal.  His specialty was as a Rifleman.   What’s even more impressive is that  he served in the U.S. Air Force as well.

He has numerous honors to his credit including campaign medals for his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2 National Defense Service Medals, a Good Conduct Medal, a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and 2 Navy Unit Commendations.  Proving that in the scheme of things he those power of veto medals really don’t mean crap!

Paul the prick and his  “Big Brother” morally lacking passe will never be half the man that Nickson is today!


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